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2020 Git, Github, and VSCode

Happy New Year!

This is really just a post I needed to write because I'm finally incorporating Git and Github into my blogging workflow and this is a test post of sorts. I've been on a (rather lazy) mission to get rid of my reliance on Dropbox. The whole service seems to be getting a little janky with extra features and limitations. I've moved a lot of this stuff to Google Drive. My blog (a static site built using Hugo) was a simple hierarchy of text files and I kept them on Dropbox (and then Google Drive) with the intent of being able to write and publish no matter where I was. Including on my Chromebook.

This wasn't as smooth and seamless as I thought it would be. Getting Google Drive to sync doesn't seem to be as simple and fast as it was with Dropbox. So instead I've decided to embrace my inner geek and put them in a repo on Github. And now I've set up Git on my Chromebook (via Crouton), on my Windows machine at work and on my Linux/Windows laptop at home as well.

So no matter where I am, I can write and publish a post and manage a nice versioned copy of it on Github.

Oh, also… I'm trying out VSCode as my text editor of choice at the same time. This is both for Python fiddling and for writing posts (it has good Markdown support with side-by-side previewing etc.).