It's a Dog's Breakfast

Tag lines are for suckers.

Remember it's December.


You must have thought I'd never post to this blog again. You were almost correct. Oh so close.

Christmas 2019 has passed. But with my lovely daughter's birthday and then New Years Eve still to come, there is plenty of time to make this… hold on… let me check… gulp… third blog post of 2019. Sad isn't it? Ah well.

The quick state of affairs:

  • I am very very happily married. I'll leave it at that to avoid gushing.
  • Lovely daughter turns 18 very soon. She is such a good kid. I'm getting worried. :-)
  • Donald Trump was even more of an idiotic jackass this past year than he was in 2017 and 2018. Exceeded expectations in one way at least.
  • He was finally impeached. Sadly he will likely not be removed from office but at least he'll always and forever be impeached.
  • Some terms I've come to hate this year: “collab”, “softwares”, “influencer”, “falsehoods”

Apologies… I've hated “falsehoods” since on or about January 20, 2017. Go figure.

Some interesting things to note:

I have been watching a lot more YouTube this year. And interestingly, it's been a lot more diverse than you'd think. I've watched YouTube channels about home farming, cosmetics, fashion, cold car starts (yes that seems to be a thing), and a whole lot of other things that are well outside of my wheelhouse. This is a good thing. People are diverse. It's nice to see people sharing things other than nutshots and just documenting other people's foibles and misfortunes. I think we'd do a lot better as a society just by seeing what other people with different backgrounds are doing with their lives. So much of the internet feeds on drama and conflict. But not all of it. There are some really nice people with really interesting lives. It's interesting.

Anyway, I'm using some of this holiday time to finally learn and use github to track this static blog stuff. I'm hoping I learn something and also give myself yet another excuse not to ignore writing here.

Hope everyone's having a good one.