It's a Dog's Breakfast

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Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes… Turn and face the strange.

After 13 years I recently decided to switch out my webhost. It's not that they were horrible, but I have been wanting to revamp/rethink for a while and when they wanted to charge me an upgrade fee for https, I decided to look elsewhere. This gave me the opportunity to support a smaller local web host who had a good reputation (and supported Let's Encrypt). We'll see how it goes and whether I decide to do anything fun with it.

So for starters, I just quickly built a static single page site with Hugo. That was easy-peasy but the theme I liked utilizes Feather Icons. Unfortunately that icon set does not have a Mastadon logo and I wanted to point to my profile there. Since the icons are implemented in the theme as SVG, it was just a matter of creating a matching icon in Inkscape (there are Mastadon logos available in SVG but none matched the style of the Feather icons). So after some Inkscape fun, I grabbed the resulting XML and plunked that into the relevant template file. Wahlah. :-) (Drawing the icon was the easy part, fiddling with getting the XML to work properly and figuring out where to put it took considerably more time.)

I have never liked or used Facebook (and deleted my account a while back), and would prefer an alternative to Instagram and Twitter, so I'm currently exploring Mastadon and Pixelfed. They're federated systems so what I post isn't owned and controlled by a single entity. It's evolving, but I'm hoping my writing and other creative endeavours will flourish a little in the meantime.

ps. I also changed the link colour in the css in the name of visibility.