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Procrastination Like a Shuriken

Silly Bertie

I’ve always shrugged a little when I’ve heard it said in general that people don’t like change. Nah. Not me. I’m smart, progressive and adaptable. I can roll with the punches and keep on truckin’. I snack on adversity.

Hmm. Yeah. When I look inward, maybe not so much.

That doesn’t mean I actively resist change in my life. Far from it. I know a good thing when I see it and if that involves some conflict and change, I’m smart enough to get on board. I’ve made changes in my life in the last five years that involve pain, frustration, risk and most of all stress. But deep down I’m happy. Much happier than I was 6 or 7 years ago.

But it would be lovely though to embrace change - to see something not-quite-right with your life and immediately plan and embark on a way to change it. That is just not me. Sadly. While my whole career revolves around finding solutions to problems, on the personal side I’m a special kind of Ninja. One that is a master of avoidance and wields procrastination like a shuriken.

I told my lovely girlfriend the other day that I usually just need a kick in the pants. Once I get moving I’m determined. But it’s the getting-moving part that thwarts me. Luckily it seems she’s a lot like me in this respect. Two peas in a pod. Not a super-productive pod, but a happy one.

No great parable here. No magical wisdom. Just a check-in. Work has been super-busy and I haven’t had much time to write, post or do much of anything interesting. Not sure if that’ll change, but I’m happy.

Non sequitur of the day: Salt and Vinegar chips frickin’ rock!