It’s a Dog’s Breakfast

It is what it is. Unless it ain’t.

You Would Think...

… having long ago realized change is simply a part of life, I would at least tolerate it easily if not embrace it. Nope.

… after almost 50 years on this planet I would figure out that the actual transition between winter and spring is far from instantaneous and rather gross. Rain, cold and mud is what you go through to get to spring around here. It’s the time of year I forget about. For good reason I suppose.

… most people have their shit figured out. They don’t.

… that sliced turkey and cheese on a piece of folded up toast would be a wonky breakfast. It isn’t. Even as a life-long cereal fanatic, I’m surprised that I have much more energy and fewer mid-morning cravings when I go this route.

… having a ball everytime I open up Inkscape, that I’d make time to create things. Sigh.

… someone helping you purge the house of crap you’ve accumulated over the last twenty years would immediately throw out your Dr. Evil and The Rock plastic figures along with all that other stuff. They didn’t. This is love.

… blatant lies told by an incredibly narcissistic and seemingly ignorant public figure would lead you to wrap yourself further inside a bubble of your own viewpoints. It hasn’t. I find myself more and more interested in finding out what can be motivating the other side of this.

And I’ll leave you with something I saw on Reddit which just hit all my buttons: