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Full post RSS feed and my Hugo Blog

This post is really more of a note for my future reference (I’m old and my memory is not stellar and it’s definitely not improving) describing how I updated my Hugo blog setup to generate a full post RSS feed.

By default, the RSS feed generated by Hugo is a partial feed. So you get only a portion of the post in an RSS reader, not the full post. Annoying. So let’s fix that.

The order that Hugo searches for the RSS template (along with other RSS template related info) is here.

Since my theme didn’t have an RSS template of its own, I created a blank file: /layouts/_default/rss.xml off of the root folder of my blog and copy/pasted the contents of Hugo’s default RSS template into it. Then the only change to make is down near the bottom where this:

<description>{{ .Summary | html }}</description>

gets revised to this:

<description>{{ .Content | html }}</description>

Now, building the site generates a full post RSS feed. Mission accomplished.