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Phone Repair

Late last week I finally took my Nexus 5 in for a power button replacement (loving my MotoX Play by the way). They kept it for a few days and then finally called. I picked it up last night about 30 min before they closed, paid my money and left. As the phone was dead, I plugged it into my car charger and then drove off. It booted up and started into the ridiculously long app optimizing process. Ten minutes later it was done. But then suddenly it rebooted. (!) I pressed the power button, saw the Google logo and then felt the buzz of a sudden looping reboot once again. Crap!. So I turned the car around and drove it back to the shop and arrived about 2 minutes before they closed. I told them it wasn’t fixed and showed them. They took it back and told me they’d try to see why it wasn’t fixed.

I’m not 100% hopeful. But it brought up an interesting question. What does a repair shop do when they take something in for repair, then find they are unable to fix it. I would assume the proper thing to do is give me my money back, but is this a simple risk they undertake when they take any device in for repairs? These things are fragile. I would assume that the risk of busting something else during the repair or the risk of not being able to actually fix the problem is very real. I would assume these are risks they understand going in?

We’ll see what happens. But right now, they have my money and they have my phone. And I don’t have 100% faith that they will be able to fix it.