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It is what it is. Unless it ain’t.

Midlife Crisis

XBox Controller

The real question is, does it really count as a mid-life crisis?

I have been very heads-down at work this year. It’s not some new found vim and vigour. It’s just that we’ve had a steady stream of large projects that have required a lot of steady effort and upkeep. I enjoy the work, but it hasn’t left a lot of mental downtime to do much in a creative sense. When I get home, I need to walk the dog, fill my belly, let my brain rest a bit and then hit the hay for the next day. That’s the way it seems anyway.

So a few weeks back, in a fit of pique, I decided to buy a game console. My first game console. Ever. I started off my computing life with a Vic-20, then stepped up to a 386(DX) around University time, and in terms of gaming, it was always of the PC variety. Then as a career took over, gaming fell by the wayside (if you ignore casual Android games). Never owned a console. Consoles were for suckers.

So now I’ve got an XBox One X. Dirt Rally, Cities:Skylines and Fallout 4 are all so intriguing. No muss, no fuss gaming. It seems they are all competing to be the cause of my eventual downfall. :-)

It ain’t a sports car, or a toupee. But could it be considered a piss-poor excuse for a mid-life crisis?