It’s a Dog’s Breakfast

It is what it is. Unless it ain’t.

Low bar. Big fan.

I came the conclusion quite some time ago that I fared better lowering the bar and exceeding expectations rather than setting the bar high and failing to reach it. Consequently I rarely make very specific resolutions.

Now don’t get me wrong, I need to lose weight, eat better, and generally improve on all fronts, but those are not goals I set on January 1st. After all, I’m not interested in starting off the year with multiple strikeouts. That would be stupid.

Instead I was thinking about a few other things I could meander towards as this new year marches forward.

How about these?

  1. Learn more Python and do more Python. Right now I’m working my way through the Learning Python tutorial app on my phone. It’s actually quite good. Not overly tiresome and seems pretty well thought out. Hopefully I can stick to it and progress instead of re-learning the tiny bit of Python I do know every three years. I relish the thought of learning bits of Python while I stand in line at Tim’s for my sausage biscuit and medium 2-milk. Maybe that’s pie in the sky. Not sure.

  2. Do more graphic design work. I was thinking about not only doing stuff just to stay sharp and improve, but doing more Linux and FOSS stuff to help out the communities and projects that have always given me so much to play with, think about, and use.

  3. Keep writing. This is not (all) about deep thoughts and reflections, but includes more documentation about the things I’ve learned, the things I’m doing and the struggles I’m having. Everyone has struggles right? This one would be dependent in some measure on #1 and #2 though. One of my goals is to not wait for the brilliant idea, to not write with the thought of impressing an audience. But just to write. Something. More regularly.

Remember.. meandering. If I get there, great. If not, as long as I can look back and see some footsteps behind me, then I’m good.