It’s a Dog’s Breakfast

It is what it is. Unless it ain’t.


It’s been a while. Almost a year since I last wrote here. In some ways that year has flown by, in others it seems to drag.

The quick version - still working from home. Fourth wave in Ontario seems to be happening. Everybody here’s got their two shots. There are a few back into the office. Knowing it’s inevitable to go back but not relishing the commute.

I’ve been back into following Formula One racing again starting late last season. It’s something I was first a fan of back in ‘91. I followed it up to the early 2000’s but then lost interest - having a daughter will do that! :) In both cases, playing racing games has both grown and enhanced my interest. In the early 90’s it was the series of Grand Prix games by Geoff Crammond. Now it’s F1 2020 on X-Box.

More so now than then, the engineering and technical aspects of the sport are completely up my alley. And now, as then, my interest isn’t limited solely to F1. I’m a big fan of IndyCar and Rallying also. While I eagerly wait for IndyCar to provide a quality video game, I can highly recommend Dirt Rally and Dirt Rally 2.0. Great fun.

While the technical aspects are the things that interest me most, I’m not immune to picking favourites… In F1 I’m rooting for Max and also for Vettel. While Seb doesn’t have much chance at championship success, he seems like a genuinely nice guy. A good bloke as they say. In Indycar I’m rooting for Romain Grosjean.. off of a horrible crash and fire in Bahrain late last year, it’s good to see him enjoying Indycar. The difference in atmosphere between Indycar and F1 is so stark in some ways. They each have their own merit.

This morning it’s the Belgian GP. Rainy with a mixed up grid due to an eventful qualifying. Should be an entertaining race.